2018-03-21 / Ludlow

GFWC Okemo Valley Women’s Club says thank you

LUDLOW - The GFWC Okemo Valley Women’s Club Tree of Remembrance is very grateful to all who contributed to our Fundraiser for a Tuition to a Black River High School Senior. It is especially heartwarming in view of the fact that Black River High School will be closing in a few years.

We remember:

Ed and Mary Augustaushes, Oscar and Nellie Beckman, Harley and Mary Bragg, Harley and Ida Bragg,Helen Ballard, Peter Conner, Ellsworth and Dorothy Davis, Blua and Ralph Davis, Nick Decos,Thomas and Frances Dempsie, Carol Deluca, John and Isabelle Deluca, Pauline Deluca, Suzette Durgin, Finneasus Egan, Friends of the Dunseith Family, Family and friends at the NY P.D, The Geberth Family,Stanley Granield, Maryann Gagner, Stan Hart, John Hart Jr. John Hart III, Doug Haskell, Brian Hodgeman, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Johnsen, Leta Hudgings, Charlie Hughes, Jack Kemp, Tina Koye, Luhrs Family, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. McCean Jr. Aaron W. McNabb, George and Violet Matulonis, Iggy Matulonis, Mr. and Mrs. Eben Merrill, Ernest and Melba Noll, Pete Noyes, Irene and Joe Lorrain, Frank Owen, Ann Price, Sandra Prokop, Garder and Lauren Ripley, George Shaw, Allyn and Helen Seward. Davod Terns, Daryl Stpwes, Craig Suladach, Kelly Sanderson, Gerard Snyder, Leon and Mary Shabbott, Bernard and Shirley Snow, Erin Paige Stinson, Caroline Spaulding, Mike and Betty Stone, and Marilyn Trick.

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